You work hard to attract visitors to your events? Why not give a second life to your successful events. Expand your audience, your audience will pay more... than attention!

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You have been working really hard to attract attendees. Year after year, your company is wondering if this is the best way to reach potential customers, or to gatter the industry. No matter how you look at the challenge, it is always the same issues : time and money. What about a solution that could double up your audience without adding cost to your project? Is it what everybody is looking for, more results, and less work or less money? Discover AUDIENCE3: a new Turnkey Webcasting Solution!

AUDIENCE3 is a new Turnkey business model for events, thanks to ShiftTV!

As Webcasting pioneers, we heard them all. Yep! In the early years of Webcasting, we had to preach the benefits of webcasting to big fortune companies. It was a disruptive way of communicating. We had to convince that the technology was working well and that would not kill their traditionnal business models. Well, a decade later, everybody knows it works perfectly. We all experienced a Webcasting Event somewhere in time, and we all agree that it is very practical. What is less known about Webcasting is how to turn this into a viable revenue stream. This is where we come into play: helping business like yours, or Non-for-Profit Organisation, turning their events into a new revenues stream. Ok! Well! Now let’s discover the three layers of audience concept : AUDIENCE3!

3 layers audience Concept

At last, Webcasting Experience above technical issues

Of course, we can help you Webcasting a live event, but we can do much more. What about taking your video footage and package it to resell it to your onsite attendees, or offsite audience? No time to do this? This is where we come to help. We take everything in charge and we can monetize your videos for your best interests and for the greatest recognition of your community.

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